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Comments about 2011 rdSGEIS submitted to the NYS DEC

It is simple. Do not allow hydro-fracturing in New York State. There is no proven way to safeguard the lands, waters, air, or people of New York State from the greed of the gas companies. Corporations exist only to enlarge their own wealth, and have ALWAYS proven to do it at the expense of the public. There will never be enough DEC enforcement available to keep the corporations in line, and there is no way to mitigate the problems of contamination once they have happened. Vast areas—vital to the economy of New York State—will become inhabitable once the scarring of the land, the contamination of the water supplies, and the movement of the very earth itself is unleashed by these for-profit-only entities. Gone will be the farms, the farm land, and the clean water necessary to keep their animals and crops alive. Gone will be the beautiful landscapes, the cities teeming with life, the institutions of higher learning, the honest labor that has kept the people of New York State ahead of those in so many other states. Wiped out by a plague of greed. And when the gas is gone, the corporations who killed the state will disappear just as rapidly as a puff of methane. They will not tarry to clean up the destruction they have wrought. No corporation ever has bothered to clean up after themselves unless forced to—and even then they are more likely to utilize lawyers to sweep the mess under the rug than actually clean the mess itself. No corporation will return the lands, air, water, and the creatures who dwell thereon to the way they were before. The poor who are left behind know the lasting legacy of the corporations’ greed for generations. They are the ones who die young of cancer, who will be sickened by the poison of heavy metals and toxic chemicals which those corporations WILL leave behind. That burden on our health care system, on our government agencies, and on the State’s very vitality, is something that no review document can ever put a high enough price tag on. There is plenty of wealth in New York State without tapping the rocks which lie deep underground. If we wish to harvest that resource, it is not going anywhere, we can wait for 10, 20, 50 years. It will still be there. And if we wait for at least 20 years, then we will be able to gain from the wisdom of Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Kansas, and many other states which have let the monster eat away at their table, before realizing what destruction that monster leaves behind.

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